Kama Sutra

Discover Kama Sutra Pleasure

Discover Kama Sutra Pleasure to Add More Exotic Sensuality and Pleasure to Your Love Making

By Rebecca E Adams  

When you think of great sex, you think of the Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra has become a part of our society in terms of sex because many consider it to be the manual of sex. For great sex, you learn the Kama Sutra because there is pleasure and then there is the Kama Sutra pleasure.

This Sutra or Teaching came into being thousands of years ago in India but thanks to its spread to the western world, the Kama Sutra has become the standard text on human sexual behavior. Written by Mallanaga Vatsyayana does not devote the entire text to sex. In fact, the traditional Kama Sutra is composed of advice on sex, poetry versus and other prose.

In all there are seven sections in this Sutra and only the second section is based on sex. It is called On Sexual Union and it details the various sexual positions that make Kama Sutra pleasure such an unbelievable experience.

In this section, you will find various drawings of couples in different positions during sex, as well as oral techniques and advice on how to bite and scratch your partner to give them greater pleasure.

Some of the most popular Sutra pleasure positions are: 

1. Widely Open: The man kneels on the bed and raises the woman's buttocks and thighs so her legs are wrapped around him. As the man thrusts, the woman arches her backs and leans backwards.

2. Indrani: This position has the woman lying on her back with her knees bent up to her chest. The man kneels behind the woman and enters her, pulling her up towards him by holding onto her buttocks.

3. The Tigress: This position has the man lying on the bed with the woman sitting on top of him with her back on towards his face. Often called the Reverse Cowgirl these days.

4. The Congress and the Crow: This is essentially the 69 position where you are both lying on your sides providing oral sex to each other.

5. Splitting of a Bamboo: This position has the man on top, with the woman putting one leg up on his shoulder and having the other leg laying down flat. Legs can be alternated during this pleasure position.

These five positions will give you a lot of pleasure and you will see why this book and sensual teachings are considered to be the go-to book for pleasure. Enjoy these Kama Sutra pleasure positions!